Second failed Tokyo attempt of the three times she was chosen

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Tokyo has a jinx with the Olympics. Of the three times it was chosen as the Olympic venue only in one He was able to celebrate the appointment as normal while he recounted in pairs the failed attempts after the decision to postpone the edition scheduled for 2020 for a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Of the three times that Tokyo was chosen to organize the Olympic Games, it could only be held normally in 1,964, to date, the only event that has been held on Japanese soil. Tokyo was initially chosen as the venue for the 1940 edition but the international instability, which ended with the outbreak of World War II, led to the cancellation of the event and that of the next Olympiad. Tokyo resigned to host the Olympic Games due to the international social situation and canceled the appointment two years earlier, in 1938, so the International Olympic Committee decided to move the proposal to host Helsinki, elected in second instance. In 1940 the definitive cancellation of the event by the war was announced.

The decision made officially this Tuesday is historic as it is the first time the Olympics are postponed in the 124 years of Olympic history in the modern era since they were retaken in Athens in 1896. Never before has an Olympic event been postponed despite the fact that history is riddled with events that hit the Olympics squarely and only three times they were canceled.

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Some Olympics as a tribute to the tragedy of 2011

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games were projected as the games of rebirth after the tragedy experienced by the country in 2011 as a reminder and demonstration that there is life after a great tragedy. Many of the symbols of the Games in this edition had some kind of relationship with the tragedy, such as the Olympic torch, designed as a symbol of the reconstruction of the Japanese regions hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the northeast of Japan in 2011. Precisely, the initial route of the torch in Japan was in the northern part of the country, which suffered the greater consequences of the greatest disaster suffered by the Japanese country in this century.

Now the Olympics will have a value added for the coming year after the great crisis that the world is experiencing right now due to the coronavirus and that has altered the daily life of the vast majority of countries and athletes in the world.

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