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Sebastián Ferrat, actor of “The Lord of the Skies” dies

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Sebastian Ferrat, actor of The Lord of the heavens, He died after allegedly serious health for several months; confirmed his partner Derek Lucken in social networks this Sunday. However, The cause of his death is unknown.

The death of the originator of Mexicali, 40, was informed by his relatives through a statement and several figures in the media have lamented the death.

In accordance with TV Notes, Sebastian was in a coma since last October for a cysticercosis, infection that was supposed to eat pork in poor condition.

The race of Ferrat started in 2001 on the television series What women shut up. He also participated in the soap operas A man is sought, Beauty and the Beasts, The Vast Y Route 35

However, his best known work was that of The Lord of the heavens, where he played The market during the third and fourth season.

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