Scandal in the Russian league: two referees would be subjected to a lie detector for the sanction of a controversial penalty

The penalty that will take a Russian referee before a lie detector

It happened on the opening day of the Russian Premier League, in the duel that faced the Spartak and to Sochi at the Otkritie Arena stadium in Moscow. The final result, a 2-2 draw, was hardly an anecdote. Is that the visit turned the result thanks to two penalties that put the referee Vasily Kazartsev in the eye of the storm, to the point that he could be forced to face a lie detector to test his honesty in the failures, just like the officer of the VAR.

The scandal erupted after the threatening attitude of the owner of the Spartak, Leonid Fedun, a wealthy businessman and head of the energy giants Lukoil (World Energy Trade), who angrily complained because he considered that the referee of the match “was not assertive” when it came to signaling the penalties, to the point of publicly raising the possibility of get down your competition team.

“You don't need to support me. Tomorrow I will announce that we are withdrawing from the championship "he said and caused an earthquake in the contest. Ten minutes into the game, the locals were leading 2-0, but Sochi equalized thanks to their expertise in shooting from 12 steps. The great controversy occurred with the sanction of the second penalty, at 87 minutes of play, after consulting Kazartsev with the VAR, which was in charge of Alexey Eskov.

Did the fault exist? The images observed leave doubts about the infraction and the feeling remains that it is the striker who initiates the contact, but it is worth remembering that the rules make it well established that the successes and errors of a referee team are part of the game.

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The president of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Dyukov, spoke with the head of Spartak to change his radical position (something that happened) and temporarily suspended Kazartsev; For his part, a decision has not yet been made regarding the judge who supported him from the Video Arbitration Assistance.

According to information released by various Russian media, both referees must undergo lie detection tests to answer questions about the honesty of the penalties during the controversy game.

This is not the first time that this has happened in Russia: polygraphs have previously been used to question match officials and federation employees when there is a suspicion of possible irregularities in sports betting.

The Russian Premier League has been disputed for two dates and the top of the standings are shared by Zenit Saint Petersburg, CSKA Moscow and Lokomotiv, all with six units. After the controversial game, Spartak beat Ajmat 2-0 and settled on the second step, with four units. Sochi, meanwhile, drew again, this time at home: 1-1 against FK Jimki.


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