Scandal in Brazil with a former River player: he organized three parties, he had a coronavirus and now they are all quarantined

In Belo Horizonte a scandal broke out with Juan Cazares, the Ecuadorian footballer with a past in River and Banfield in Argentina. The 28-year-old forward organized three parties in said Brazilian district, diagnosed with coronavirus and now everyone those who had attended the meetings they were isolated in quarantine. Further, suffered a heavy fine for having violated a municipal decree.

Days ago, Atlético Mineiro, the club that owns the player's record, confirmed via Twitter that Cazares had tested positive for coronavirus. “This Saturday another battery of Covid-19 tests was carried out on the athletes, coaches and employees of Atlético. It was the third round of weekly exams and only one yielded a positive result: that of (Juan) Cazares ”, published the club of Belo Horizonte.

Also in the statement, the Brazilian club highlighted that the 28-year-old is "asymptomatic"But as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of the virus, "his period of isolation has already begun, away from all activities and under the care of the club's medical department."

To this the three parties he organized at his home joined him that, according to Brazilian media, it wasn't about family reunions. As it could be corroborated in the recordings of the condominium, the guests came from different places and did so when it had already been banned from the government these kinds of crowds, according to a municipal decree of Lagoa Santa.

For this reason, Although the positive of Covid-19 de Cazares was subsequently notified, all those who appeared at the meetings were quarantined, respecting the current protocols. Further, the footballer was fined and must pay 130,000 reais (about $ 25,000) for violating the municipal decree (article 258 of the Penal Code).

The great discomfort on the part of the Atlético Mineiro authorities, who are in full negotiations to finalize their transfer to Corinthians, is due to the fact that these acts had been prohibited by the club from the state of Minas Gerais, which He had expressly ordered his players to be isolated and quarantined to avoid catching the coronavirus.


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