Sayuri To Be The Singer Of The New Theme Song For “Yesterday For Me”!!

Fans and viewers are surely experiencing the shower of excitement and joy. Sayuri is going to sing the new theme song of the “Sing Yesterday For Me” which happens to be one of the most popular anime manga series. Sayuri is singing the theme song for the seventh episode of the Japanese manga series.

It is sure that the “Sing Yesterday For Me” series is becoming more and more amazing as well as exciting. The series is gaining popularity as it is releasing its interesting episodes one after the other. Fans and viewers are curious to know about every little detail about the series. If you have seen several anime manga series than you must have figured out by now. An anime manga series focuses mainly on its interesting and overwhelming storyline but it also has a great theme song.

The theme song is always essential when we are talking about any animation manga series. So here we are suggesting you get yourself ready for an amazing new theme song of the series “Sing Yesterday For Me”.

It’s Official!!

If you are following the official twitter account of the anime manga series then you must have known that it is official. Yes, Kei Toume did officially announce that Sayuri is going to be the voice of the new theme song. On Saturday, the manga series has a declaration about Sayuri to perform the theme song “Aoibashi” for the series “Sing Yesterday For Me”.

Sayuri, 23, is a great singer and songwriter whose original name is Sanketsu Shoujo Sayuri. The second OP theme song of the series will surely have her amazing and lovely voice. She is well-known for her singing the Golden Kamuy’s Theme Song in season 2. Also, she is the singer for the fourth season of My Hero Academia.

Fans and viewers will not have to wait much longer as the theme song is going to release with the seventh episode of the Anime. You just need to have some patience as you wait to watch the amazing and exciting new theme song.

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