Save Me Too: first impressions of the second season, coming to Sky

Cinema and TV have accustomed us to great investigators, endowed with such subtle intellectual abilities as to make solving a case almost child's play; then there are the determined policemen, who get to the bottom of the events at the cost of risking their health and career; but what happens when ordinary men throw themselves headlong into complex investigations? Nelson "Nelly" Rowe (Lennie James) is one of the latter, lacking in resources and support, but determined to do everything to find out the truth.

In the drama thriller series Save Me (aired on Sky in 2018) the man is suspected of the kidnapping of his daughter, but immediately realizes that something is wrong and that someone close to him could be involved. Nelly's personal investigation continues into the second season, entitled Save Me Too,, coloring this month's Sky programming yellow starting from August 10, 2020. Will Nelly be able to get close to the truth about her daughter's disappearance? To find out we saw the first two episodes of Save Me Too preview: here are our impressions!

An endless nightmare and new problems on the horizon

Save Me Too, about two years after the first season aired, marks the return of Lennie James as Nelly Rowe, a father who doesn't give up in the face of his daughter's disappearance. The latest excited episodes of last season took us on a disturbing journey to discover the darkest sides of crime, including movieographic pedo videos uploaded to the dark web and auctions for the sale of minors for sex trafficking. The first two episodes of Save Me Too they seem to pause Nelly's frantic search to explore the difficult return to normal life at a calmer pace. 17 months after the death of her daughter Jody (Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness), Nelly is still unable to find peace.

Aware of having come extremely close to finding the girl, he does everything to continue his personal investigation, but once again the police seem to put a spoke in his wheel rather than help him, especially after recent developments. A suspect involved in the prostitution ring discovered by Nelly dies in fact in mysterious circumstances and new accusations fall on the protagonist.

Without reference points, the man struggles to readjust to the normal life to which friends and acquaintances would like to bring him back. However, Nelly has embarked on a personal and almost entirely solitary battle, which allows not only the series to throw meat on the fire as a prelude to another good season, but also for the character of Nelly to continue its arc of redemption.

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From a man who "lives for the day", disinterested in his daughter he hasn't seen for years, the protagonist has gradually transformed into an unlikely hero determined to concentrate all his efforts on finding the girl, but who never loses traits that distinguish him. The first season scored a good psychological growth for the protagonist, which could reserve many surprises even in these new episodes.

A new family drama?

Even with its slow development and a not too strong action component – if not towards the final stages – the first season of Save Me it has collected excellent opinions from the public and critics. This English crime thriller produced and written by Lennie James himself stood out from many other detective stories for setting and unfolding of the facts. The more classic police investigations have in fact been supplanted (making the presence of the cops very small) by the searches of an ordinary man, an imperfect protagonist surrounded by equally problematic personalities. Immersed in a setting very different from the terraced houses that we are used to seeing in British-style detective stories, Save Me Too it also has the traits of a choral and family drama. In fact, in the spotlight is not only the pain of Nelly and the ex Claire (Suranne Jones), but that of the figures surrounding the protagonist. Save Me creates a fascinating network that unites the characters of the series, who move in a popular neighborhood where everyone seems to know everyone. The personal situations of these individuals are one of the most evident strengths of the product, capable at the same time of providing the viewer with an original point of view compared to many other crimes and of giving the series a drama touch.

The strong presence of a family component is felt right away also in the opening of the second season: this element seems to herald new complex relational dynamics, which Nelly will have to face alongside her own personal battle. Knowing how to balance the main plot and the deepening of the lives of all the figures in the game with a balanced writing will be a challenge for this second season, which will also have to offer a little more action and valid elements of novelty, to stand out positively from the last episodes.

The very first scene, however, seems to promise a lot. The image of a distraught and bloody Nelly makes us understand that the troubles for the protagonist have just begun. It's up to us to find out what happened in the next episodes, on the air on Sky Atlantic starting August 10, 2020!


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