Sasha Baron Cohen was supposed to have a role in New Mutants! Here's which one

During a promotional interview for the release of New Mutants, scheduled for the end of August in the United States and for 2 September in Italian cinemas, the director Josh Boone revealed some background on the production of the film, including the non-participation of Sasha Baron Cohen.

During an interview with Nerdist, Boone revealed that he had conversations with none other than Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali-G, Borat, Les Miserables) on the potential interpretation of Warlock, a character much loved by X-Men fans.

According to the director the character would be made entirely in CGI: Although it was not specified how close this idea was to materialize, it was reported that it was eventually decided to discard it for budget reasons, as Boone was basically forced to choose between Warlock and Demon Bear, and obviously as we have seen from the numerous trailers he opted for the latter.

Probably New Mutants it won't have a sequel, given its nature of 'redundancy' inherited from Disney following the merger with Fox and above all the upcoming X-Men reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so fans won't see Boone's Warlock make its big screen debut. In fact, the director had planned a New Mutants trilogy that would introduce Warlock in the second chapter.

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For more insights, here are two fantastic new posters for New Mutants.


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