Sandman, is there also a director of Black Mirror and Doctor Who among the directors?

The development of the Netflix series dedicated to Sandman, the work of Neil Gaiman, and the latest rumors would like one of the directors of Doctor Who, Sherlock and Black Mirror behind the camera. Let's see who.

Let's take it with the proverbial pliers, but according to The Illuminerdi website, Netflix would have hired Toby Haynes as one of Sandman's first season directors.

Indeed Haynes, who in his curriculum presents 5 episodes of the new Doctor Who series (specifically two for the fifth season and two for the sixth + a Christmas special, all with Matt Smith in the role of the Eleventh Doctor), the third episode of the second Sherlock's season, the first two episodes of The Musketeers and the first episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror, would seem a more than suitable choice for the show based on the paper work of Neal Gaiman. We will therefore see if the rumors will be confirmed or denied in the coming months.

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Meanwhile, from the Comic-Con @ Home panel the producer David S. Goyer he had let us know that the shooting should have already started, and that obviously they were postponed until a later date due to the pandemic.

And speaking of Sandman, there is also an audiobook coming to Audible, and the cast is truly … Dreamlike!


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