Samurai Shodown: Warden of For Honor is the new character available today

The twelfth title of the Samurai Shodown franchise, famous SNK fighting game, is about to receive a new character in the form of DLC as part of Season Pass 2. The new entry comes directly from For Honor by Ubisoft.

The new fighter will be Warden, part of the Knights faction. Equipped with a good balance in terms of attack and defense, the character wears a plate armor, a chainmail and a leather bodice. His weapon is a two-handed broadsword, considered the favorite death tool of the Iron Legion Guardians.

The character was presented directly during the New Game + Expo, where Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 was recently announced. Warden, as well as in the Ubisoft game, within Samurai Shodown will have some combination of simple but devastating moves. The rider can also order an attack by a catapult.

The exponent of the Guardians of the Iron Legion is available today (June 24) individually at a cost of 5.99 euros. However, it will be possible to obtain the entire pack of characters from Season Pass 2 for the price of 19.99 euros, so as to also get the knight and the other fighters arriving and exited previously including Mina Majikina, Sogetsu Kazama and Iroha. Recently Samurai Shodown has also landed on Nintendo Switch, after being released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, the DLC is downloadable on all the platforms mentioned.

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