Saints Row 5, a leak reveals details on the plot and gameplay, announcement coming soon?

Some details emerge from the pages of 4Chan about Saints Row V, provisional and unofficial title of the new episode of the Deep Silver series, the existence of which was confirmed by the publisher in 2019. Unfortunately, the source is not particularly reliable as it is anonymous, but on ResetERA some insiders have confirmed part of what was reported.

The new Saints Row could be unveiled very soon and the author of the topic on ResetERA would not be surprised if the reveal took place on Wednesday evening during the PS5 Showcase. According to rumors, the new game in the series will be a true sequel to Saints Row 3 with a new cast of characters and antagonists, including a motorcycle gang called the Wolf Pack.

Saints Row V sarà set in a modern version of Stilwater, the city that is the backdrop to the events narrated in Saints Row 1 and 2, expanded with new islands and areas to visit. The tone of the adventure is described as “a mix between the atmospheres of Saints Row 1, 2 and 3“, also it seems that the protagonists will not have super powers. Among other features, an editor similar to that of Saints Row 2 and many new items of clothing, support for co-op up to four players is also confirmed and for multiplayer up to 32 players with various Deathmatch style modes.

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On a technical level, the game will be similar to Saints Row 3 Remastered, albeit with assets and a much higher general graphic quality. YouTubers, influencers and members of the Saints Row community would have had the opportunity to try a preliminary build for months but they cannot say anything as under NDA, the first trailer is expected to be released this year while the game is expected to launch in late 2021 or 2022.


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