Saint Seiya: the manga was not to be called that, here is the original name created by Kurumada

It is now one of the most famous manga in the world. We are talking about Saint Seiya, the work of Masami Kurumada and with several decades on his shoulders but which he still continues to entertain with sequels and new adaptations such as Netflix. The world of the Knights of the Zodiac seems to never stop and always project itself towards the future.

However, there are many curiosities around the manga and, to find them, one must look at the past of Saint Seiya. For what we propose today we will look even before the serialization of Weekly Shonen Jump, when most of the contents were only in the author's head.

During the early creative stages of Saint Seiya, Masami Kurumada decided to name it Rin to the protagonist. Nothing Seiya therefore, while the manga was to have the title of "Ginga no Rin", or Rin of the Galaxy. Continuing to develop the basics of the manga, however, Kurumada decided that a more appropriate name would be Seiya, written with the kanji of "Sacred Arrow", to match it with the characteristic of Knight. The name changed further when it was written with the kanji of "Arrow of the Star" to emphasize the theme of the constellations.

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This also forced to change the title of the manga: Rin having disappeared and in the meantime having conceived the "Saint", the Knights, decided to name the whole Saint Seiya. At the same time he also created the first manga technique, that is the handful of Pegasus meteors, known in Italy as Pegasus's Lightning. In fact, Kurumada wanted his character to immediately understand that the theme of the stars and mythology was fundamental and he wanted the protagonist to have a meteor attack.

In an interview Kurumada also revealed the reason for the choice of the constellation of Pegasus and the other main ones.


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