Ryan Reynolds negotiates to star in and produce a Dragon's Lair movie on Netflix

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Netflix is ​​adapting another iconic video game franchise, with none other than Ryan Reynolds in talks to star in and produce a live film adaptation of Dragon's Lair, known in Spain as The Dragon's Lair.

Move over, Geralt. Dirk the Daring is back in action.

First revealed by The Hollywood Reportery then confirmed by Netflix's Twitter account, Reynolds is in talks to star in the movie as the gentleman hero. Dirk the Daring, the hero in charge of rescuing Princess Daphne from a vicious dragon. This news comes hours after Netflix officially announced that its animation series Castlevania is going to have a fourth season.

Assuming the deal is closed, Reynolds will produce the film through its Maximum Effort company. The film will also be produced by Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment and Trevor Engelson of Underground Films, along with Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Jon Pomeroy.

Originally created by Bluth and Rick DyerDragon's Lair debuted in arcades in 1983. Despite its limited interactivity, Dragon's Lair stood out for taking advantage of laser disk technology and for presenting novel graphics, much more detailed than most games of the time. Dragon's Lair has been porting (with varying degrees of success) to numerous home consoles over the years, including recent adaptations for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. The game also increased the popularity of both Bluth and Goldman, who eventually went on to lead the making of movies like Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Land Before Time, and Anastasia.

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This not the first attempt to adapt The Dragon's Den to other entertainment media. ABC aired a short animated series in 1984, and CrossGen published a comic adaptation in 2003. Bluth and Goldman previously carried out a Kickstarter campaasapland in 2015 aimed at funding a short proof-of-concept for an animated Dragon's Lair movie. Although that campaasapland failed, the duo succeeded after moving the campaasapland to Indiegogo. However, it seems that the animated adaptation has been replaced by a live action movie.

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