Ryan Reynolds married in former slave plantation: "A giant mistake"

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively continue to joke about their life together. The two are very close, but in their first wedding ceremony everything did not go as planned, as they discovered with a little delay that they had married inside a former slave plantation.

With the anti-racist movement and protests rocking America, such an incident may not be well-received by the public and the actor reiterated his apologies in an interview for Fast Company:

"It is impossible to make amends. What we saw then was a beautiful wedding venue on Pinterest. What we saw next was a place built over a devastating tragedy ".

Probably the couple only became aware of the fact after the ceremony, and for this reason the actor said: "Years ago we got married again, at home. But the shame manifests itself in strange ways. A shit of a giant mistake like that can put you out of the game or can make you rethink certain things and force you to put yourself out there. "

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His seems to have been a bona fide mistake, and his reputation certainly won't suffer, not least because Reynolds is always busy with charity and supported minorities in the American protest. He even offered $ 5,000 to find a teddy bear, particularly dear to a girl.


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