Ryan Giggs revived the strong fight he had with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United

Ronaldo and Giggs starred in a fight at Manchester United
Ronaldo and Giggs starred in a fight at Manchester United

Online interviews and conversations became commonplace during the coronavirus stoppage in the world of soccer. FThere were several footballers who revealed different anecdotes who lived throughout their careers, including Ryan Giggs, Manchester United legend.

The Welsh midfielder, who wore the shirt "Red Devil" for 24 years, shared team with Cristiano Ronaldo for six seasons, until the Portuguese left for Real Madrid. It was during that time that an episode occurred that, almost 15 years later, one of the protagonists confirmed.

In 2016 the former footballer and teammate of Solskjaer in the Norwegian team, Jan Aage Fjortoft, revealed that the now coach of the British team told him about a fight between Giggs, a benchmark at the time of the squad, and a young Ronaldo who took his first steps in the institution.

Giggs and Ronaldo shared six years at United
Giggs and Ronaldo shared six years at United

As detailed by the former player and now a sports commentator, Ryan Giggs had found the Portuguese having a soda for breakfast before training began and he didn't like it at all. It was then that the experienced midfielder went to the young promise, pushed him against the wall and said: "Don't ever do it again."

Several years after that encounter, the Wales coach gave an interview to the United Podcast, where he recognized that there was a crossing of words with Ronaldo: "Can be. I don't know if I chastised him. He might have said something like, 'We don't do these things here.' Then he marked a hat trick and he said,: I drink what I want, Giggsy! ’”

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In this sense, the former Manchester United captain, who played until he was 40 before retiring, considered that, "If I played well and ate a lot of butter, I would continue doing it", Explaining that when he felt that he was not playing correctly or was feeling slow, he must have completely cut off his weaknesses: "The chocolate and butter on my toast."

Both got the 2008 Champions League
Both got the 2008 Champions League

Recently the Portuguese made public his null relationship with three of the referents of that campus, Among them was Ryan Giggs, in addition to Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes: “In Manchester I did not speak much with Ferguson, Scholes, Giggs or Rio Ferdinand. What is needed is to tune into the field. We didn't have to kiss each other. In Manchester I won the Champions League and I didn't talk to them, we said good morning and that's it ”.

During the stage that coincided in Manchester United they managed to reap different titles among which stand out three Premier League, two League Cups and the 2008 Champions League, when they beat Chelsea.


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