Russell Crowe with an open heart: “I owe my career to Sharon Stone”

Guest al Late Show with Seth Meyers to promote his latest film, The wrong day of Derrick Gone, the beloved Russell Crowe (The Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind) had the opportunity to dwell on a heartfelt and unexpected homage to his friend and colleague Sharon Stone, to which he says “to owe everything“.

Crowe in fact, he explained how Stone fought hard for the star Neo Zelandese alongside her in 1995 in the western cult Ready to Die by Sam Raimi, which was the actor’s American film debut. Initially, however, the production and Raimi himself had completely ignored him for the role of Cort, until Stone, who was also producing the project, saved the day.

Crowe said: “It took me about 18 months and hundreds of meetings to actually land an American role. And I only got it in the end because Sharon Stone had seen a New Zealand film I was starring in and fell in love with “. The actor explained that the colleague had to face a lot of opposition when she mentioned her name for the part, also thanking her publicly for not giving up and insisting:

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She has thrown herself into a kind of white-arm fight with the male producers of the film, putting her feet on the ground and saying ‘you’re going to hire the person I tell you to hire as my love interest’. If it weren’t for his fortitude and commitment, I don’t know how much more time would have passed before he could land a starring role in an American film. I have to thank you very much, I owe you my career “.

We leave you to our review of Ready to die.


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