Russell Crowe, the time the actor feared he would lose the role in LA Confidential

Russell Crowe he will also be one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood, but he too has feared losing roles in favor of other illustrious colleagues. Like that time of L.A. Confidential …

The New Zealand actor revealed to GQ that he had feared a lot, at the time of the film, that the production of THERE. Confidential was thinking of replacing him with another famous actor …

"They had flown me in and given a hotel room during the rehearsal period. But I had friends from the camp who kept telling me how Sean Penn would have played my role. You know, I was talking to the director, and that was my character!"he says.

"But then at some point they stopped paying me the hotel and rental car bill, and providing me with the necessary day-to-day … So the situation got heavy, to the point that on some occasions I got out of it from the back of the hotel not to have to talk to the hotel manager who would have stopped me to ask me what was going on".

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So he decided there was only one thing to do: "I felt everything that was happening around me, and the only certainty I had was the word of the director who had already chosen me. So I just kept going to work. I think if there had really been a day when I was frustrated and I didn't show up for work, that would have been the perfect excuse to take me out and give someone else the role.".

But all is well what ends well, and the role of Bud White in Curtis Hanson's film he went to the future interpreter of Massimo Decimo Meridio in Il Gladiatore.


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