Ruby Rose reportedly left Bat woman for work hours

Ruby Rose’s unexpected resignation in the series Batwoman It could have been due to dissatisfaction with the hours of work necessary to interpret this role. At least this is suggested by new information about what happened.

Various sources at Variety speak of how little Rose liked the pace of work it took to record the 20-episode season already on television. This would have led to problems in filming and to the decision of the actress to leave her role as the protagonist.

The information is also supported on TVLine, whose sources also detail the same events. “She wasn’t happy working on the series and that made working with her not fun. So everyone decided that the best thing for all parties was to break ties”

Among Ruby Rose’s past projects there has been no role as demanding as that of starring in this series whose first season has lasted 20 episodes. He participated in films such as John Wick 2 and The Meg, as well as series such as Orange Is the New Black.

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Work is already underway to give the starring role of the series to a new actress and the intention is for it to be from the LGBTQ collective. Some have already volunteered for the role, specifically Stephanie Beatriz, from the comedy Brooklyn 99.

Batwoman was the last heroine to join the Arrowverse and shortly after starting its first season renewal was confirmed in which we will have to see how the character changes his face due to what happened. Perhaps one of the producers’ intentions is to find an actress as similar as possible to Ruby Rose so that the change is not so shocking from one episode to another since the heroine does not always wear the mask.


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