Rosie Rivera exposes all her beauty with a sexy feline touch

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For these details and forms many consider her more beautiful and sexy than her young niece. Chiquis Rivera

Rosie Rivera exposes all her beauty with a sexy feline touch

Rosie Rivera

Amy Sussman / Getty Images for People in Spanish

Rosie Rivera She is a woman who knows how to expose her beauty through the details. Chiquis Rivera's aunt tries, to the extent of her possibilities and tastes, to look elegant but at the same time sensual. Without leaving much of herself in evidence.

Some call her the sexy shepherdess, because she is usually considered one of the most beautiful in the Rivera family. And there are those who consider that she has more style and beauty than Chiquis Rivera, her young niece.

Then we share the feline touch with which Rosie has exposed all her beauty, especially because she has managed to combine it with a black outfit, which highlights the color of her skin and her short blonde hair.

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