Ronni Hawk, the Disney star arrested for domestic violence

Last Friday Ronni Hawk, the protagonist of Stuck in the Middle on Disney Channel and On My Block on Netflix, was arrested in Los Angeles on charges of assault. According to TMZ reports, the police would have intervened after a report for domestic violence.

Officers reported that a verbal discussion between Ronni Hawk and her boyfriend degenerated into a fight and that the damage reported by the man, scratches and wounds visible, they were enough to arrest the woman. The actress was then taken to Van Nuys prison, and will have to answer for the crime of bodily injury against a spouse or partner.

Ronni Hawk, born in 1999, has made headlines in the past for the controversy raised by some of his political positions, in clear contradiction with the roles on the screen. In 2018, in fact, fans of On my block they have loudly asked for his dismissal on social media, after the discovery of some tweets of 2016, later removed, in which the actress expresses her support for Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election. On my block has always been celebrated, however, as a portrait of urban youth decidedly critic towards Trump's views on black boys, especially Latins.

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