Roguebook: Abrakam's roguelike deck building returns to show itself

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It certainly cannot be said that the Nacon Connect was not a showcase characterized by variety. The first event of this type organized by the company also saw a new presentation of Roguebook, developed by the Belgian software house Abrakam Studio, former creator of the game Faeria.

Roguebook, star of a successful Kickstarter campaign, has been described by CEO Jean-Michel Vilain as a deck building roguelike, whose development has benefited from the support of the famous creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield, who has fielded his incredible experience as a co-designer. Roguebook has innovative game mechanics and a world that fans of the genre will not struggle to love.

The presentation helped to shed light on the mechanics that will distinguish the production. At the beginning of the game users will be asked to choose two of the four heroes available to then shape the initial deck of cards. By advancing and defeating enemies it will be possible to create new cards to progressively improve the deck. Roguebook, however, is also a rogue like: you can say goodbye to a hero, but if you lose both of them you will have to start over. All the contents are also procedurally generated: there will never be one run like the other. The space reserved for Roguebook ended with an intervention by Richard Garfield in person.

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