Rocket League free, it’s official: the free to play version comes out on September 23rd!

In confirmation of the advances on Rocket League free to play coming from the Nintendo website, the guys from Psyonix pack a trailer in computer graphics to celebrate the announcement of the launch date of the free version of their iconic football-inspired arcade racing.

The major update that will turn Rocket League into a free-to-play title is slated for Wednesday 23 September su PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch.

The subsidiary of Epic Games takes the opportunity to summarize all the news that will characterize the next phase of the multiplayer blockbuster. The card proposed by Psyonix mentions the new free Rocket League Competitive Tournaments, the system that will take care to manage the Unified progression of the game experience, the content intended for new players and bonuses for veterans which, from July 2015 to today, have contributed to the international success of the battle car racer.

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Starting September 23, the title’s internal store will also offer two additional packages, the Starter Pack Endo e Jager. Each DLC will include its car, exclusive customizations and Credits (500 for the Endo, 1000 for the Jager) to be spent in the store.


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