Robert Sheehan reveals a ‘nice little easter egg’

Robert Sheehan, one of the stars of The Umbrella Academy, intervened on Instagram informing fans of a bizarre detail, which he called ‘a nice little Easter egg’. On the show Sheehan plays Klaus Hargreeves, one of the characters who have the ability to summon spirits and communicate with dead people.

In a podcast with Tom Hopper, who in the series plays Luther Hargreeves, Robert Sheehan joked with his colleague about his body care habits.
During the chat, Sheehan repeats wearing ‘an incredibly revealing mankini’, before admitting that such a show would have seemed ‘the Iguazu falls’.

“There has been a lack of grooming over the past six months” Robert Sheehan said amusedly “it’s like the Iguazu, it falls on both sides”. At that point Tom Hopper asked him to confirm the rumor he would like a job being edited with CGI for its pubic hair.
Robert Sheehan said that indeed on the set the pants worn by Klaus many times represented a problem during the shooting: “Those leather pants from the first series, you know how the skin goes, it ages a little and it loosens. They were barely on”.
A few days ago Netflix announced the release date of the second season of The Umbrella Academy. In the meantime, there is no lack of rumors about the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

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