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         Robert Eggers will direct 'The Northman', one of Vikings with Willem Dafoe, Nicole Kidman and the Skarsgård brothers

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THR reports that Robert Eggers, is preparing his next project a few days after presenting the flatulent 'El faro' (The Lighthouse, 2019). The director of 'The Witch' (The Witch, 2015) resists leaving historical settings and will present 'The northman', a Viking drama that is already being prepared in New Regency.

The cast that is aligning is aúpa: Alexander Skarsgård, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill Skarsgård and, repeating project, the star of 'El faro', Willem Dafoe. All of them are in various stages of conversations to star in the epic tape. Lars Knudsen, who produced 'The Witch', (also 'Hereditary' and 'Midsommar' by Ari Aster), is producing the project alongside Skarsgard, who approached Eggers with the initial idea of ​​the story.

'The northman'will be written by Eggers and the Icelandic poet and novelist Sjón, and is described as a story set in Iceland in the early 10th century that focuses on a Norse prince who seeks revenge for his father's death. Skarsgard would play the prince and Kidman his mother, if everything goes as planned.

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Given the obsessive attention to detail and historical credibility of Eggers, the project seems like a new challenge for the director who seems to have left in the fridge (or abandoned) the idea of ​​bringing 'Nosferatu' to the screen again Murnau, something that is evident in the expressionist style of 'El faro', which perhaps replaced his desire to recover the silent classic. What is clear is that like many of the horror directors of the author of the independent A24, it seems that his goal is to get more and more away from the genre.

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