Robert De Niro is 77 years old: let's celebrate it with the video of the meeting with Ferruccio Amendola

Robert De Niro is famous for his villains and for having participated in many productions that have remained in the history of cinema: the interpreter of The Irishman can therefore enjoy his seventy seventh art hero birthday.

The actor is famously linked to Italy, to the point that he wanted to pay homage to the Bel Paese and his great-grandparents in a video message. In addition to his work as an actor and the various festivals he takes part in, in the past there was also another reason that brought him to us: in 1991 he was honored with a Telegatto for his film Cape Fear РThe promontory of fear and after receiving the prize from Raffaella Carrà, another surprise arrived for him.

In his thank you speech it was voiced by the great Ferruccio Amendola, his official voice in the Italian version of many films. The voice actor then joined him on stage, as can be seen from the video above, and congratulated him: "It's the first time we've met, but I can say I know him deeply anyway ".

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Amendola's unmistakable voice has done justice to De Niro in many productions such as Taxi Driver, The hunter, Wild bull and Once Upon a Time in America, and his work will forever be remembered by lovers of the actor for years to come. De Niro's career goes on though forward to the great even at 77 years, and in 2021 he will begin filming Killers of the Flowers Moon, the new film from his friend and reference director Martin Scorsese.


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