Rob Liefeld believes Deadpool 3 will take more than 5 years to arrive

Hardly a week has passed since Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, blamed Marvel for not taking advantage of his character in recent years. Obviously, in a clear reference to the absence of Deadpool 3 or some official plans regarding the appearance of the character in the UCM.

Now, directly, he has dared to “date” the film. And according to him, the third part of Deadpool will take at least 5 years to arrive. Of course, anything but optimistic forecasts. Although it is true that it must also be taken into account that the coronavirus crisis could have disrupted the plans of Marvel Studios.

The information comes to us from Newsarama, which has echoed Liefeld’s statements for i09. And he ensures that he has “evaluated” the Marvel Studios schedule for the coming years and that “don’t see” Deadpool 3 is likely to arrive “for the next five years”.

This is exactly what he has said about it: “Regardless of the internal perspective they may have, what I know is that until a movie is put on the calendar, it is not taken seriously. And what people don’t like is that I have evaluated the schedule for the next few five years or so, and I don’t see Deadpool in it. I don’t see it coming before that. “.

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In any case, it has not been clear if Liefeld refers to the public calendar that Marvel has already presented to all of us (and which dates series and films until 2023), or if he talks about an internal calendar. Although it is true that he begins his statements with a “Regardless of the internal perspective they may have.” Something that, on the other hand, could simply refer to the fact that they already have an idea but have not shared it.

In addition, it gives the feeling that it does have inside information since Marvel still has several dated movies that have not been announced. For example, for October 7, 2022, and a total of four in 2023. And apparently, Liefeld has not taken them into account, as if he knew which projects correspond to those dates.


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