Riquelme values ​​becoming president of Boca Juniors

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The former soccer player Juan roman riquelme called on Thursday the union between different sectors of Boca Juniors facing the elections of next December club and said that "if there is union", he can think of "being president".

In an interview with 'Fox Sports', Riquelme recognized contacts with the different sectors that will present candidacies to preside over the club from next December 8, but said he was not the 'workhorse' nor the 'ace under the sleeve' of none.

The former player of Boca Juniors, Barcelona and other teams was critical of the negative environment generated around Boca Juniors after the first leg of the semifinal of Copa Libertadores against River plate that the xeneize team lost, and called the various candidates to join to take the club 'to the top'.

During the last months, the Argentine press related Riquelme with the three candidates, which a priori, have more options to run the club and it was speculated that he could enter a list as vice president.

On the one hand, the official led by Christian Gribaudo, supported by the current president of Boca, is presented, Daniel Angelici; and, on the other, the opponents led by Jorge Ameal and José Beraldi, respectively.

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'If there is union, I can think of being president, I can think of being anything,' replied 'Roman' when asked about his desire to help the club and if he would assume the role of vice president or manager if there were union of the three candidates .

Riquelme stressed that all candidates have shared positions in the past and called to join to create a project capable of winning the Copa Libertadores 13 years later.

'I'm tired of seeing how they fight for power', said the former player.

"We all have to be together, we are Boca fans."

He also refused to enter into debates about the future of Carlos Tevez in the Buenos Aires entity, whose contract ends on December 31, as well as criticize the current coach, Gustavo Alfaro, questioned for his defensive style: 'Alfaro plays as he has always played'.

He also defended the Italian Daniele De Rossi and he blamed his physical discomfort on the change of going from football in his country to Argentina where there is 'much demand and you live with a lot of nerve'.

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