Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky strengthen their relationship after the singer broke up with her boyfriend

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A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna, in a file photo.

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  • The rapper and the singer were seen last weekend together at a concert.
  • Their close relationship goes back years, when they already collaborated together.

    2020 began with the sound disagreement of Rihanna and his partner for three years, billionaire Hassan Jameel. A break that ended a discrete relationship away from the spotlight. Now, a few days later, some images of the singer with the rapper A $ AP Rocky they blow up all the alarms and relate both artists to what could be the new massive ‘shippeo’ on the internet. According to the ‘US Weekly’ media, the musical tandem would have spent more time than normal together since RiRi returned to singleness, without going any further last Friday they were seen attending the Yams Day Benefit concert in Brooklyn, New York.

    It should be noted that both have a close and close relationship for years, a link that has even joined them musically as it happened on the stage of the MTV VMAs 2012, where together they interpreted the song ‘Cockiness’. You do not remember? This was the momentazo where sparks jumped.

    Shortly after this performance, in 2013, they were caught kissing behind the cameras while recording a video together, a story that seemed to remain there, until now, when they recently strengthened this relationship … although it remains to be determined whether in sentimental terms or simply as friends.

    A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna, together in a file photo.

    Rihanna and A $ AP Rocky, in a file photo.

    Getty Images

    The last time we saw them together was during the Fashion Awards gala last December, where they posed together on the red carpet; They used to be seen in Saraos like Paris Fashion Week in June 2019 or in the Diamond Ball in September of the same year. Come on, this link is not new, much less, but who knows if now, after the breakup of the richest female singer on the globe with Jameel, they rethink petarlo and be the new fashion couple of ‘stardom’.

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