Rick and Morty triumphs with The Vat of Acid Episode

Rick and Morty is a guarantee, and he did not even break this 72nd edition of the Emmys by winning the award for Best Animated Series with The Vat of Acid, eighth episode of the fourth season.

This infamous award was already obtained in 2018 by the incredible Adult Swim production with the episode related to Rick cucumber. Although fans did not particularly appreciate the first part of Rick and Morty’s fourth season which aired in 2019, the series has known to redo with the second installment of episodi which was met with great success.

In particular, the winning episode The Vat of Acid beat the competition from the extraordinary The View From Halfway Down di Bojack Horseman, one of the most incredible episodes of the sixth and final season, but also Big Mouth, The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers.

Meanwhile, the creators of the series are already working on the fifth season of Rick and Morty which could arrive sooner than expected and could even be spread in a totally different way to previous seasons.

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If you want to further investigate the reasons for the Emmy win of this Adult Swim series, check out our Rick and Morty Season 4 review.


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