Rick and Morty, a fan theory throws a voice actor

After the theory that Rick and Morty are the same person, he made headway among fans too a respectable hypothesis.

If you are passionate about the series you will surely know that the authors make a extensive use of parallel universes, alternative dimensions, clones and so on. Well, in an episode of the second season (entitled Mortynight Run), Jerry is left in a sort of kindergarten together with other Jerry, and Rick is given a ticket with which to identify later. When Rick and Morty come back to take Jerry, we find that out the ticket is no longer the same.

This could indicate which ones we see on the screen they are not the same Rick and Morty at all, and that even in subsequent episodes there may have been exchanges between the various characters. All of this seems to have created a severe headache for Jerry’s voice actor Chris Parnell, who admitted to Digital Spy’s microphones that he found the theory very plausible: “Personally nI am never completely sure which family we are following. I’m not sure it’s the same family with which we left. I mean, I don’t know if they are clones of clones, or … I really can’t keep up with all this stuff. And who knows if what we see is the right Jerry or not? Who knows? Maybe one day we will find out. ”

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Let’s just hope the series never stop proposing such oddities … To find out more, we recommend the special on Rick and Morty’s genius scientific absurdities.


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