Ricardo Gareca's explanation about his exotic look that woke up the memes in the networks

Gareca's new look in quarantine
Gareca's new look in quarantine

Ricardo Gareca He sent a series of greetings to different fans by video from his quarantine in Peru and surprised his own and strangers by the unexpected look it showed. With her characteristic long hair but with a bushy beard, the Tiger He explained why he decided to adopt a different aesthetic style than usual.

“The beard is like, how could I tell you, I live it like this this quarantine … I decided to live it this way. At first I said I don't shave until this is over; I guess it will end sometime"He said in the interview he gave to the radio program How are you doing which is issued by Radio del Plata. “Sometimes I lose track of some things. I think we are past 70 days. So, you see, it really is a long time. Quarantine was very strict here! ”, He explained about his decision to remain in Lima during the pandemic.

The coach of the Peruvian team clarified that the idea is to hold the beard "Until I recover a normal life" and said, “What I thought was, well, I get out of all this, I shave. But it's like it was after, it grows more, it grows more and I already need the help of a barber. I start cutting myself and I get hurt. So long like this, I've never had it in my life. Now I want to go out and have someone who knows about this grab me. ”

Gareca clarified that he spent almost 50 days without leaving his house, but that in recent times he was able to take some walks thanks to a dog who adopted: "I thought I had a bitch. Ten days before this all exploded, I brought her. I have a collie. She had had a small dog, but they told me so much that I grabbed her. Now sharing with her, I take her for a walk, but now, because for 50 days you practically went out the door and they didn't even let you take the dogs out, you couldn't. Now they are more flexible in that aspect and it allows me to go out a bit more with the bitch. If I have to do some compas, I go. Taking care of you, abiding by all government measures. ”

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The DT who since 2015 commands the national team of Peru spoke of the situation of the coaches of his litter and the demand that he has on his back to the 62 years: "Young people are emerging with new ideas, different momentum. Youth gives him passion, much more dedication, all the momentum when one has to start directing that leaves with all the desire, then very talented boys appear. For us, those of us who have the possibility of training for quite some time, validity is essential, so I do not allow myself to rest. ”

“I have adopted that position of maintaining myself, of continuing at work, good, bad, with different results. But the most important thing is to see the possibility of having a continuity that allows those of us who are past the age of 60 to be in force. It is a challenge for us to live up to the demand, of everything that soccer demands. Big people like Russo, Falcioni or myself, who maintain the same generation, try to work and be present to demonstrate that one is up to the occasion"He detailed.

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