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Our first impression with Realme X2 is that we were facing the most serious "Xiaomi-killer" candidate to date. Now, after having been testing it for a few weeks we can confirm it. This is ours Realme X2 analysis, a mobile with excellent value for money and a best-selling candidate we did not expect.

Highlighting in the mid-range is not an easy task, but with its Snapdragon 730G processor, its 4,000 mAh battery with fast charging and its four-camera configuration, the Realme X2 has all the ingredients to become one of the most sought-after smartphones at the end of the year.

Because Realme is a new brand, but they know exactly what they do. Behind is the giant BBK Electronics, the same manufacturer of OPPO, Vivo or OnePlus. And that shows in Realme X2, which combines in its mid-range many of the features we had seen in its sister brands.

How is Realme X2 different from X2 Pro?

Really Comparative

I really landed in Spain with two very similar models, although focused on different audiences. On the one hand we have the Realme X2 Pro, its flagship, and on the other this Realme X2, a mid-range version that retains much of the features we saw in the most advanced model although with some significant differences beyond the processor.

The two Realme X2 are very similar to the naked eye, with a glass design, AMOLED screen with 'notch' and four cameras in the back. The two also has 4,000 mAh, fast charging and fingerprint reader under the screen. How do they differ then? We will try to explain what the keys of each model are and what we find in Realme X2.

The changes between one and the other are subtle and we already anticipate that the experience they offer is quite similar, being below the Realme X2 in some sections such as performance, as expected. Even so, there are some points like in the design where we have felt more comfortable with the mid-range model. If we look, the Realme X2 is considerably less thick and heavy than the Pro model, being much more comfortable to handle. The screen is also slightly smaller and less elongated, although the most important change is that in the Realme X2 we do not have 90Hz.

Realme X2 Design

The main difference between the Realme X2 and the company's flagship is in the processor, although there are also other changes such as the 90Hz screen, the telephoto sensor, a better fast charge or the sound. At the expense of a heavier design and a clear price increase.

Instead of betting on the most powerful Qualcomm processor, Realme X2 chooses a Snapdragon 730G along with 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM. It is possible that many users, especially those looking for the best fluency in games, prefer to opt for the Pro model, but in favor of Realme X2 comment that the difference in day-to-day performance is not as noticeable. A subtle change is found in storage, because the Realme X2 does allow to expand the memory using microSD. In contrast, the chosen disk is UFS 2.1.

At the level of additions, the two models have practically the same options. From the fingerprint reader, Color OS 6.1, facial recognition or the NFC, although The Realme X2 does not add the double stereo speaker of the Pro model. Regarding the battery, the two arrive with 4,000 mAh and in fact, we have obtained a slightly better autonomy with the Realme X2. But in favor of the Pro is having a more advanced SuperVOOC Flash fast charge. While, The 30W of the Realme X2 is impressive for a mid-range.

In the table we include the specifications of the Realme X2 and we face them with the Pro model, so you can see the differences between the two new mobiles of the Chinese manufacturer.

Really X2

Realme X2 Pro


6.4 "AMOLED FullHD +

2,340 x 1,080 px, 19.5: 9

Gorilla Glass 5

6.5 "AMOLED FullHD +

2,400 x 1,080 px, 20: 9

90Hz, HDR 10+, 1,000 nits

Gorilla Glass 5


Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
Adreno 618

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+

Adreno 640 GPU



6/8/12 GB LPDDR4X


128 GB UFS 2.1

MicroSD up to 256GB

64 GB UFS 2.1

128/256 GB UFS 3.0


4,000 mAh

Quick Charge SuperVOOC 30W

4,000 mAh

Fast charge SuperVOOC 50W

Rear cameras

Main: 64MP, Samsung GW1, f / 1.8

Wide angle: 8MP, f / 2.25, 119º

Depth: 2MP, f / 2.4

Macro: 2MP, f / 2.4

Main: 64MP, Samsung GW1, f / 1.8

Telephoto: 13MP, f / 2.5, 20x hybrid zoom

Wide angle: 8MP, f / 2.2, 115º, night mode

Depth: 2MP, f / 2.4

Frontal camera

32MP, f / 2.0

16MP, f / 2.0, night mode

Dimensions and weight

158.7 x 75.2 x 8.6 mm

182 g

161 x 75.7 x 8.7 mm

199 g


Android 9.0 Pie

OS 6.1 color

Android 9.0 Pie

OS 6.1 color


WiFi ac, NFC, GPS / GLONASS / Galileo, USB type C, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE, dual nanoSIM + microSD

WiFi ac, NFC, GPS / GLONASS / Galileo, USB type C, 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE, dual NanoSIM


Fingerprint reader under screen, Dolby Atmos

Under-fingerprint reader, dual stereo speaker, Dolby Atmos


299 euros (8 / 128GB)

399 euros (6 / 64GB)

449 euros (8 / 128GB)

499 euros (12 / 256GB)

Realme X2 - 6.4 "Smartphone (Snapdragon 730G, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal Memory, 64 MP camera, ColorOS 6), White (Spanish version)" src = "https: // .com / images / I / 41XCLOwtXtL.jpg

Realme X2 – 6.4 "Smartphone (Snapdragon 730G, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal Memory, 64 MP camera, ColorOS 6), White (Spanish version)

This is Realme's best-selling aspirant

Realme X2 White Design

The Realme X2 has a glass back, with metal frames and a fairly traditional look. As was the case with the Pro model, from the front we find an appearance very similar to the rest of Android phones with its small 'notch' in the form of a drop of water. Our unit is the white one, although it has several bluish reflections that give it a very nice appearance. By far, the Realme X2 is nicer behind than in the front.

The logo is placed vertically in the lower left corner, while the camera is also placed on that side. Somehow it is quite asymmetrical, but it feels good. Not so interesting is that the four cameras stand out slightly, which causes the "dance" terminal on the table and be inclined when used except if we put the silicone case. The back is also a magnet for the tracks, although in the white unit they are quite hidden.

Inclined Realme X2

Although the screen is flat, the edges of the Realme X2 are rounded. Also the corners. It is a mobile with good grip and not especially slippery, but What convinces us the most is its balanced weight, thickness and size. Something that for example does not happen with the Pro model, considerably heavier. It is an important aspect, as many average ranges choose to add more battery at the cost of sacrificing in design and in the Realme X2 this does not happen.

The construction of the Realme X2 is not the most premium, but it does achieve a very good balance between weight, size and maneuverability.

After these weeks of use we did not find any scratches, so at the construction level it seems to give good results. Here perhaps owning Gorilla Glass 5 has had to do.

Design Camera

The volume keypad is placed on the left side, while only the right button is on the right side, something that we don't get used to. The rest of the elements follow the general pattern, with the 3.5mm jack in the lower area, next to the USB type C and the speaker. A sound, which in the case of Realme X2 is not stereo as in the Pro model. It still sounds good, but when compared to each other, the difference is remarkable. Yes we have Dolby Atmos settings when we connect the headphones.

With a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with FullHD + resolution and 19.5: 9 ratio, the Realme X2 has a fairly common size among the most powerful and popular phones, although with its weight of 182 grams, it manages to compete against Honor and improve the numbers of a direct competitor like Xiaomi with its Mi 9T.


Height / Width (mm)

Thickness (mm)

Weight (g)

Screen Ratio

Battery (mAh)

Really X2

6.4 "

158.7 x 75.2





Realme X2 Pro

6.5 "

161 x 75.7





Xiaomi Mi 9T

6.39 "

156.7 x 74.3





OnePlus 7T

6.55 "

160.9 x 74.4





Honor 20 Pro

6.26 "

154.6 x 74.0





Samsung Galaxy S10 +

6.4 "

157.6 x 74.1





Regarding the screen, the quality of the Super AMOLED panel is correct, with a good level of brightness and contrast. We do not find the fluidity offered by 90Hz, but the difference between the Realme X2 panel and the Pro panel is not very large.

The viewing angles are practically identical and where there is a difference is in the brightness despite incorporating both the extreme brightness mode. While 50% of the Pro model is more than enough, with Realme X2 we usually have a higher percentage. Even so, personally, if the screen is an element that should make you decide between one and the other, probably with Realme X2 we would have enough in most cases.

We do not have 90Hz as in the Pro model, but the quality of the SuperAMOLED panel is very similar in sharpness, contrast and hue. The main difference is that the automatic brightness usually shows a lower brightness.

From the screen settings we can adjust the temperature and choose between an intense or soft color mode. In my case I prefer to opt for the intense one, since since we are facing an AMOLED panel it is preferable to take full advantage of its great color intensity since fortunately it does not sin in excess of saturation.

Xiaomi Killer

Performance is another key point of Realme X2 and here the Chinese manufacturer is once again confirmed as one of the biggest surprises of the year. With its Snapdragon 730G chipset and 8GB of RAM, the Realme X2 feels very fluid. Such is so, that during the day to day it is complicated to think that we need a more powerful processor. Yes, it is clear that the difference with the Pro model and its 855+ is noticeable, but especially in games and when we are going to demand the maximum mobile. If we do not need maximum fluency, Realme X2 behaves very well and has no problems even with demanding tasks.

The Snapdragon 730G and 8GB of RAM offer high-level performance, complicating the task of justifying the expense of having a better processor.

A point where we do notice that it is not a high range is in temperature, since the Realme X2 is slightly warmer than the Pro model. Even so, the Realme X2 is a mobile with an enviable performance and we do not miss more power

As usual, here is a comparison chart with the results of the Realme X2 benchmarks and its comparison with its rivals, remembering that the scores have varied in recent months due to an update of the app scales like AnTuTu or Geekbench.

Really X2

Realme X2 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 9T

OnePlus 7T

Honor 20 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S10 +


Snapdragon 730G

Snapdragon 855+

Snapdragon 730

Snapdragon 855+

Kirin 980

Exynos 9820


8 GB

12 GB

6 GB

8 GB

8 GB

8 GB








Geekbench (Single / Multi)

545 / 1,728 (v5)

677 / 2,577 (v5)

2,545 / 6,900

3,682 / 11,465

3,268 / 9,666

4,459 / 10,195

PCMark Work







This fluidity is not especially marred by the software, although it is probably the weakest point of Realme X2. ColorOS 7 promises to be an experience closer to pure Android, but for now what we have is far from that feeling. ColorOS 6.1 is based on Android 9 Pie and is a Colorful customization layer, with app drawer, many settings, preinstalled apps and with much room for stability improvement. With Realme X2 Pro, when everything went so fast, the software went somewhat more unnoticed, but in this Realme X2 it would have been desirable something more fluency, for example in gestures, which do not quite convince.

Color Os

In connectivity, we have NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi ac and dual nanoSIM slot. In addition, unlike in the Pro model, the Realme X2 allows expand storage with microSD cards to increase free 108GB what we have.

ColorOS needs a face lift and improves its reliability to match other Chinese customization layers such as EMUI (Huawei) or MIUI (Xiaomi).

At the biometrics level, the Realme X2 fingerprint reader is integrated into the screen. The surface is correct and the accuracy is quite good, although it still remains one point behind the classic physical readers. Unlike the Pro model, which we had a top experience, with the Realme X2 the fingerprint reader has given us some problems and has not been so fast. On the other hand, facial recognition has also been quite effective although some more speed is missing.

Fast Realme Charging

The Realme X2 comes with 4,000 mAh battery, a fairly common figure in today's new phones and offers more than convincing results. The experience with him these weeks throws us some figures in the line of the expected, with some 6 hours of display on and environment per day and a half of use.

In tests such as PCMark Work 2.0, we have obtained 12 hours and 6 minutes. They are correct results and that will easily allow us to reach the end of the day.

Without being as impressive as that of your flagship, the fast loading of the Realme X2 is quite effective. What together with a 4,000 mAh battery, will not have to worry much about this aspect.

But the key is fast charging. The Realme X2 arrives with Super VOOC Flash Charge of 30W (5A / 6A), a load that in our tests has allowed us refill the battery completely in an hour and a quarter, reaching 50% in just under 30 minutes. These are good numbers, although quite far from what we have seen in the Realme X2 Pro, which is almost twice as fast.

Photo experience with the Realme X2


The Realme X2 comes with four rear cameras, with a main sensor manufactured by Samsung and three additional sensors to offer different types of photography such as wide angle, portrait mode or macro photography. This is the camera configuration offered by the Realme X2:

  • Samsung GW1 64-megapixel main sensor, with 6P aperture lens f / 1.8.
  • 8 megapixel wide angle sensor, with f / 2.25 aperture lens and 119 degree field of view.
  • 2 megapixel depth sensor, with f / 2.4 aperture lens
  • 2 megapixel macro sensor, with f / 2.4 aperture lens
  • 32 megapixel front camera, with f / 2.0 aperture lens.

The camera application is the same as we have seen in other OPPO terminals. We have a tab based design, where on the main screen we find the zoom, flash, HDR, wide angle, live mode, filters and other settings. Sliding we will access the portrait mode and the video, while with a menu in the lower left corner is where we find the Ultra 64MP mode, night mode, panoramic, expert mode, time-lapse, slow-motion and ultra macro. Personally I prefer to find the wide angle and zoom in the same option, but as a camera application it is correct.

How does the Realme X2 photos? In general the experience is good for a terminal of its price. By day, the images have a good level of detail, the photos are bright and the focus is fast.

Day Detail The day detail is good and the textures are well shaped.

The HDR mode is not aggressive and is usually the recommended option, although we have seen that in general the images are lightly washed. The Realme X2 it captures a lot of light to produce striking images, but nuances and gradients are lost along the way.

Img20191105082609 The automatic HDR produces very bright photos, although lightly washed.

The difference between shooting in automatic mode with images at 16 megapixels or doing so in Ultra 64MP mode is small. Here we have seen that the detail achieved in the Ultra mode is not so much and increases the weight of the image remarkably.

Comparative Detail The 64MP image (right) slightly improves the detail, but it is not worth considering that it takes pictures of almost 30MB.

When we face Realme X2 in a complex situation, the result is quite correct. In the lower image of the dark tunnel and a colorful scene in the background, the detail of the buildings remains pretty good but the dynamic range is high enough to also offer detail in the shadows. Here we make several comparisons with other phones such as the Pixel 2 XL or the Realme X2 Pro and although there is a leap, it does not leave the Realme X2 camera in a bad place to be a mobile of less than 300 euros.

Img20191105084718 In a complex scene, the camera manages to offer information in the shadows and not lose all the detail of the illuminated buildings.

In more complex scenes, artificial intelligence and its recognition of scenes helps to establish an adequate hue. The truth is AI is quite soft and usually set quite accurate settings.


When the light decreases, the Realme X2 is when it starts having some problems. Mainly in focus and detail. Here we have found good photos, but we have also seen images that do not meet expectations.

Img20191105150515 In a not-so-complex interior scene, the camera has already had some focus problems.

At night, the Realme X2 camera behaves well. The detail does not fall dramatically, the scene is well lit and the color remains relatively. But again it is something inconsistent.

Night Detail At night the Realme X2 illuminates the scene quite well and gets information in the shadows, although the color is not the most faithful nor the detail so high.
Img20191107190044 The Realme X2 has failed to capture all the color of the candy store.

Sensor wide angle It offers a wide field of vision and the dynamic range is quite correct, however there is an obvious loss of detail, both at the edges of the image and in the center.

Angular Detail The wide-angle (right) effect is striking, although the lack of detail can be seen even during the day.

Another option that allows Realme X2, despite not having a telephoto sensor, is the 2x optical zoom. Here, not having to change the sensor, the transition is very natural and there are no changes of tonality as it happens with the wide angle. The truth is that it is an addition that works well.

Normal Wide Angle And Zoom Wide angle (left) vs main sensor (center) vs 2x optical zoom (right)

In addition to the 2x optical zoom, the Realme offers 5x hybrid zoom and 10x digital zoom. The result is not much better than doing digital magnification directly, but it does allow for interesting frames.

Zoom Standard photography vs 2x optical zoom (center) vs 5x hybrid zoom (right). The improvement in zoom detail is small, but the images are achieved and the result is satisfactory.

Another of the sensors that we have in the Realme X2 is for the Super Macro mode, which allows us to take photos focused at 4 centimeters. However, despite the clear improvement for focusing, the level of detail is not as high as we expected. Is a curious addition, but reminds us again that having more cameras does not mean having a better picture.

Img20191108094251 The macro sensor allows us to focus at very short distances (4cm), but the detail is not the highest.

Portrait mode allows choose the percentage of bokeh and it works with both people and objects. The blur commits some irregularities, but it is good in detail. Our biggest problem is that not being compatible with HDR mode, we lose in dynamic range.

Img20191105080301 Portrait mode also works with objects.

The Realme X2 front camera It is of a great level. The detail offered is excellent, the approach is good and the dynamic range with the HDR is very high. The same is not the case with portrait mode, where it does weaken more. As we see with the hair in the image below, there are too many artifacts and errors.

Selfie Bokeh The front camera has an excellent level of detail, but portrait mode makes too many mistakes in cropping.
Hdr Color Selfie With portrait mode (right) we lose the HDR and the skies appear normally burned.

In scenes with worse lighting, the front camera continues to capture detail and light well, showing itself as a very competitive selfie camera, even for higher-end terminals. While, Unlike the Realme X2 Pro, this model does not have night mode on the front camera.

Night Selfie Despite not having a night mode, the Realme X2's front camera offers great results.

In video we have 4K and 30fps, 1080p and 60fps or 1080p recording and electronic image stabilization. Its about Ultrastable mode, which achieves a quite accomplished effect although somewhat artificial if we compare it with an OIS.

Realme X2, Xataka's opinion and note

Realme X2 Review

For 299 euros, the Realme X2 is positioned as one of the easiest mobile phones to recommend. To date, this category had been practically in Xiaomi's hands, but Really arrives to turn the sector upside down and add more competition. Something that always ends up benefiting users.

The experience of the company, which we remember is the same as brands such as OPPO or OnePlus, it shows in aspects such as the four cameras, the fast loading or the customization layer. This last point is probably the weakest, but from the brand they have it very present and have acted quickly promising an update. We'll see if then the Realme X2 improves even more.

Compared to the Realme X2 Pro, this mid-range is somewhat cheaper and is not far behind in most sections. We do not have a 90Hz panel, but the quality of AMOLED is equivalent; At the performance level, Qualcomm's work with the Snapdragon 730G is enviable and in the photographic section, we have seen that the quality of the main sensor is very high for a three hundred euros mobile. Because maybe the key is here; This camera is very worthy for the price of Realme X2, but when we get on the Pro model we don't get so much improvement.

Successful design, great battery, better fast charging, good choice of components and excellent performance for its price. If we add to that a competent photograph, the Realme X2 has everything you need to become one of the most recommended mobiles for less than € 300.

Realme X2 White

When we are going to recommend a mobile, we usually look at the whole. That is attractive, that it has a good battery, that the camera is effective for its price range and that it is fluid to use. This Realme X2 has no major flaws and at the end of the day offers a very pleasant experience, at least at a level similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 9T, a mid-range that seemed unattainable in value for money.

Realme has come stomping and after testing your Realme X2 for a few weeks we can confirm that we are before a manufacturer with a lot of travel. It is not an infallible device, none is, but if you are looking for a new mobile of moderate price, the Realme X2 should be in all probability among the models to consider.








In favor

  • Very successful design, both in materials and grip as in size, thickness and weight.
  • Good autonomy and fast charging without rival in its price range.
  • The Snapdragon 730G and the 8GB of RAM are hardware that gives a very good day-to-day experience.


  • The macro and wide angle sensors are below what is expected for the camera.
  • The sound of the speaker is far from what is seen in the Pro model.
  • ColorOS needs an update to improve stability and fluidity.

Realme X2 - 6.4 "Smartphone (Snapdragon 730G, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal Memory, 64 MP camera, ColorOS 6), Blue color (Spanish version)" src = "https: // .com / images / I / 51YnNFsOyAL.jpg

Realme X2 – 6.4 "Smartphone (Snapdragon 730G, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal Memory, 64 MP camera, ColorOS 6), Blue color (Spanish version)

The terminal has been assigned for analysis by Realme. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

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