Revelations and pride in the last exciting chapter of ONE PIECE

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Just like My Hero Academia started an unseen war, it would seem that too Echiro Oda, with his one piece, has finally decided to start the most awaited battle of recent times, the battle between the new generation and the rebels of Wano, against the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts from Kaido.

In the previous chapter we had witnessed a revelation that had shocked many: the betrayal of a member of the Red sheaths. If you have read our articles or follow the manga then you know very well who the man in question is Kanjuro, who not only turned out to be a traitor who has always passed information to Orochi, but also a Kurozumi in all respects, a Kurozumi just like the current Shogun.

Well, always the last chapter ended with our rebels of Wano betrayed, without aid, on a boat that was leading them directly against the fleets lined up by Kaido on the harbor. Momonosuke he had been kidnapped by Kanjuro and now it seemed the end and the triumph of evil, this just before the final pages, in which the three most fearsome pirates of the new generation appeared to help the Red Sheaths out of nowhere: Luffy, Kid and Law.

In the last chapter released, our protagonists launched their first attack, thus starting the war, although all the allies they had gathered turned out to be been destroyed the night before by Orochi's forces thanks to the indications received by the traitor. Just when Luffy's crew and that of the other two captains seemed on the verge of engage in battle alone against everyone, he manifested himself to the amazement of an incredulous Kinemon, Denjiro, a former member of the Foderi Rossi, who unbeknownst to everyone has waited for twenty years for the day when the Kozuki clan would return to the limelight. He pretended to be on Orochi's side, earning his trust, knowing that one day he would exploited his position in his favour. So it was. Denjiro finally got rid of the mask, joined the rebels of Wano, Luffy, Kid and Law and also revealed that all the allies that they had gathered have not actually been defeated and, right on the last page, the 5400 men have appeared with their ships to end the tyranny that has lasted too long.

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One Piece, therefore, has entered into full swing of the revolution, of the war that will see who wants a free Wano, against those who want it closed and oppressed.

What do you think of this twist and the emotion that chapter 975 has given? Let us know below in the comments.

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