Revealed the Funko Pop dedicated to the characters of the series

While we wait for more news on the Netflix series of Masters of The Universe: Revelation produced by Kevin Smith, we point out a new merchandise item dedicated to the famous characters created in 1981 by Mattel.

At the bottom of the news you will find an image that shows us the new models of Funko Pop dedicated to the show. In particular, fans will be able to purchase different versions of their favorites, including Skeletor riding Panthor, She-Ra, Skeletor wearing Terror Claws and a version of the statuette dedicated to He-Man larger in size. The Funko Pops are already available for pre-order, the cost of a model is $ 29.99, more or less 25 euros, making them a compulsory purchase for all fans of the famous toys and cartoons.

Meanwhile, Kevin Smith’s work on the show continues, the Coronavirus pandemic has not stopped the Powerhouse Animation studio, whose artists were able to work from home, followed via the internet by the directors of the next episodes of the series produced by Netflix. We do not yet know the release date of the first season, but we are sure that in the coming weeks we will have more news about it, finally, we report the latest news on the plot of Masters of The Universe: Revelation, the show will in fact be a sequel to the work original.

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