reunion in sight for the season finale

The road that separates us from the highly anticipated finale of the tenth season of The Walking Dead is still long, so maintaining absolute silence on everything we will see in the season finale is becoming a difficult task, even and above all for the protagonists of the show, eager to share some emotions with their fans.

To prove it is Lauren Cohan, the actress face of Maggie Greene, whose return had been one of the most anticipated events by fans of the show: just Cohan has now anticipated a detail related to a scene with a strong emotional charge that we will see in this last episode.

The actress has indeed spoken of one reunion between Maggie and Judith, Rick’s daughter who, as The Walking Dead fans know, has always had a privileged relationship with the character of Cohan: “I think they will have years and years of backward open-hearted chats. I’m really excited, because Judith has an idea of ​​who Maggie is and Maggie will be able to develop this friendship with someone who, as viewers know well, has much more wisdom than one expects“explained Cohan.

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In short, one more reason to look forward to this season finale. According to the showrunner Angela Kangmeanwhile, Maggie will clash with Negan during the eleventh season of The Walking Dead; moreover, the spin-off on two protagonists of The Walking Dead was recently announced.


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