Respawn founds a new studio dedicated to Apex Legends

Ten long and fruitful years. They may pass quickly, yes. But it is not exactly a few years. And they are the ones that Respawn Entertainment has precisely fulfilled. The company behind great titles like Titanfall, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or Apex Legends. Today, to celebrate that birthday, they have announced the foundation of a new studio of their own.

One that will focus mainly on the aforementioned Apex Legends. In addition, it will be located in the city of Vancouver. Do you want to know more? Well, read on because Dusty Welch, Chad Grenier, Henry Lee, and Steven Ferreira have talked long and hard about the philosophy and goals of the new studio and the short and long term plans regarding the multiplayer title.

The thing is, speaking to, Respawn’s Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch has ensured that the decision comes after the popularity of Apex Legends has completely exceeded the studio’s expectations. In fact, Welch recalls that the title managed to bring together more than a million players in its first eight hours of life, ten million in three days, 25 million in one week, and 50 million in its first month. Scandal numbers.

As for the new studio, they have commented that this will be Respawn’s second location alongside the existing studio in California, and will be led by a team that includes chief operating officer Henry Lee and team principal Steven Ferreira. They, along with Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier, join Welch himself to tell us what we can expect in the future.

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In fact, all of them assure that the intention is for the studio to expand through external contracting. The goal is to get a team of about 80 people, although Lee and Ferreira have assured that they do not want to go in a hurry in that regard. In any case, they ensure that as the team grows, we can expect great updates for the game as well.

Finally, they have highlighted the intention that the study guarantees the long-term journey of Apex Legends. This is what they have said about it: “We have a long-term vision of where we would like to take the franchise, and EA supports that vision of building the franchise. FIFA did not become the giant it is today. And the same with Call of Duty. It took time to get there. there, so we have that realistic long-term vision, and I appreciate EA’s support and lack of pressure. “.

Recently, Respawn confirmed that there are currently no plans for a new Titanfall. And although they now assure that the new study is not done so that the company can also focus on other games, a return of this franchise in the future could not be ruled out either.


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