Resident Evil Village, Capcom talks: inventory, exploration, PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Recently, the editorial staff of the Japanese magazine Famitsu has had to spend time with Tsuyoshi Kanda is Pete Fabiano, both Producers of the new Resident Evil.

During the interview, the two authors were able to confirm that Resident Evil Village is 60% complete and that new information on the game will be disclosed during the month of August. Now, thanks to one translation of the interview created by the Twitter user "Alex Aniel", further details emerge on the statements by Kanda and Fabiano.

In particular, the Capcom team confirms that Resident Evil Village will bring to a conclusion the narrative line that sees the protagonist Ethan Winter, former main character of Resident Evil 7. In addition to this it has been confirmed that the setting of the new RE will be central to the gaming experience: the authors still do not want to discuss the extension of the village, but have geographically placed it "somewhere in Europe"At the gameplay level, it is confirmed that the inventory management will play a major role, as well as combat: among the opponents of the protagonist are confirmed i werewolves, on the background of which the Producers did not unbutton themselves. Me too'exploration and the puzzle resolution, it is promised, elements will be widely present in Resident Evil Village.

The game, as well as on PC, will also arrive on SS5 is Xbox Series X: the team confirmed that next gen consoles have allowed progress in terms of graphics and audio. Next gen hardware will also allow for unnoticeable loading times and a greater degree of immersion.

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