Resident Evil: Jill Valentine comes to life with Azami's sexy cosplay

The saga of Resident Evil, known in Japan as Bio Hazard, has its roots in the distant 90s. Capcom officially gave life to the survival horror genre with this video game which then turned into a long-running series that still lasts today. In fact, Resident Evil 8: Village has been announced for PS5 a few hours ago.

Among the protagonists of Resident Evil there is Jill Valentine, policewoman from Raccoon City and who during the series has to endure various physical changes, including major ones. In one of the versions in which we met her, she has brown hair, of short length, and she wears a blue dress with a short black skirt and a white sweater wrapped around the waist.

The model Azami, also known as AzamiSan2000, has decided to replicate this version of Jill Valentine obviously adding a sexy touch. This is how the new took shape Resident Evil themed cosplay that you can see at the bottom of the news. Through the photos of the Twitter account, Azami has managed to create a faithful Jill Valentine except for the fact that physically it is certainly more provocative. Did you appreciate this choice for the Jill Valentine cosplay?

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At the moment, Resident Evil has exceeded 100 million copies.


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