Resident Evil Infinite Darkness: doubts and hopes on the Netflix series in CG

I’m a fan of Resident Evil have been living in recent years a sort of brand rebirth. After the sixth videogame chapter, the Capcom horror franchise seemed destined for decline, except for the surprise of Resident Evil 7 who shuffled the cards on the table, followed by majestic remake of Resident Evil 2 and from the attempt to repeat its success with the remaking of Resident Evil 3. On the front of the seventh art, the film series directed by Paul W. Anderson has never managed to capture the true essence of the saga and the CGI films, despite being more obsequious from a narrative point of view, have certainly not managed to break through. heart of fans.

With the end of 2020, new fortunes are expected on the horizon for the IP born from the mind of Shinji Mikami, with the release of Resident Evil Village, scheduled for 2021, and unpublished news on the front of television series. After months of rumors that they wanted a series dedicated to Resident Evil under development at Netflix, the Tokyo Game Show confirmed it, even if there was no lack of misunderstandings. In fact, it was initially thought that Resident Evil Infinite Darkness was a movie. On the other hand, yesterday the pleasant confirmation arrived that the title in question will be a CGI animated series distributed by Netflix, which will be added to a second live action project.

Infinite Darkness will have like protagonisti Leon S. Kennedy e Claire Redfield, two of the most beloved characters of the entire franchise, and will be able to count on the experience of Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Capcom as executive producer. The realization was entrusted to the Quebico studio (Resident Evil: Vendetta). At the moment little else is known, but we can already make some hypotheses on what Netflix subscribers should expect in the course of 2021.

Less action, more horror

The cryptic teaser shown by the streaming giant has all the appearance of a sort of showcase of atmospheres and digital staging, with an emphasis on the quality and realism of locations and characters. A sort of starter for the eyes that should give fans some more expectations on this project although, given the involvement of Kobayashi and his work on the previous animated films of the saga, the hopes are still to be confirmed and trust is far from won, given the certainly not exciting results achieved by the previous iterations.

If indeed Degeneration, Damnation e Vendetta acted as a kind of launch for Resident Evil 5, 6 e 7, it certainly cannot be said that they represented a consistent study of our heroes or an indispensable narrative need. Not to mention the live action films on the saga, which have distorted the very essence of Resident Evil, turning it into Hollywood junk; an element that has largely affected the fifth and sixth chapter of the videogame franchise.

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What we expect from this animated series, but which is far from being a well-founded hope, is that Kobayashi knows how to recover the spirit and the original atmosphere of the story, guaranteeing a survival horror element that does not give up the action, but that contextualizes it without making the spectacle as an end in itself a display of choreography and empty aesthetics.

After all, if the twenty-five-year charm of this saga continues today, the reason is to be found in its narrative foundations, closely linked to the pressing supernatural threat that haunts the protagonists at every step, even in the absence of material enemies. We would like this animated series to succeed at least in part to make this alchemy that for decades has kept gamers from all over the world glued.

Infinite darkness

The biggest bet, after the one linked to the very nature of the product, concerns the narration itself and, in essence, what it will talk about Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Unfortunately, as we have already mentioned, the plot clues are as obscure as the title of the series and we hope that in the near future the elements at our disposal will allow us to hazard some sensible hypotheses.

In the trailer shown at the TGS we follow Claire as she enters an abandoned building, where a trail of vials leads her through the darkness at the sight of something – a corpse, it would seem – that is immediately denied us, to catapult us into another. darkness, in which Leon saves another character by taking down an undead. As you will have understood, at the moment Netflix doesn’t seem interested in giving us any further clues at all, even if the costumes, in particular that of Claire, could suggest a situation more related to Resident Evil: Revelations 2, but at the moment it is really difficult to place the events of this series in a sensible timeline that fits into the narrative convolutions of Capcom.

What is certain is that there will be intrigues, conspiracies and nightmares to which the saga has accustomed us over the years and which has made the fans happy. It seems unlikely for now Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness can represent an alternative entry point for new generations of fans, who will probably have to refer again to the renewed videogame offer of Capcom to fill their gaps.


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