Resident Evil 3 Remake: Capcom reveals why Nemesis has a reference to Resident Evil 4

Nemesis’s version of Resident Evil 3 Remake has come to Resident Evil: Resistance. And taking advantage of that, Capcom has detailed its connection to Resident Evil 4.

Thus, the information has come as part of the announcement of the inclusion of Nemesis in Resistance. All in a PlayStation blog post explaining the newly created connections between Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis and Resistance with RE4. According to Capcom social media specialist Kellen Haney, Nemesis’ ability to infect zombies with parasites in Resistance was added to the game to unite with enemies known as RE4’s “cattle”.

“Inevitably we decided to incorporate this final ability in reference to Resident Evil 4’s Cattle,” Haney said. “Cattle are humanoid enemies that are created by becoming infected with the parasite Plagas, the original base for NE-α. When the Plague activates, it spawns from the neck of its tentacle-shaped host.”Haney finished.

Haney also commented that NE-α was created to mimic this parasitic quality and Capcom wanted NE-α infected enemies to be “visually similar” Cattle infected with Pests. This was done as a “Means for fans to reconstruct how Nemesis fits into the entire Resident Evil franchise.”.

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As anyone who has played RE3 knows, Nemesis could infect nearby zombies using his parasitic arm. These newly infected zombies would have to be shot down in a specific way other than the standard headshot of a standard zombie. Nemesis’s tentacle arm will now return as an ability in Resistance. And of course, it can be used to infect zombies.

Furthermore, this ability was also added to differentiate Nemesis from the Tyrant we saw in Resident Evil 2. “We wanted Nemesis to present himself as an even more formidable opponent, so we began to consider alternative abilities in addition to his heavy weapons artillery.”Haney said.


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