Remedy has already signed the development of two new generation multiplatform games

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After wiping out the latest award shows with Control, its new original license released last year, the studio Remedy Entertainment has announced the sasaplanding of an agreement with a large distributor to market two new multiplatform video games that will be launched during the next generation of consoles.

Tero Virtal, the current CEO of the company, said in an official statement that the team is working on a new multiplatform AAA that is already in pre-production and has been referred to in the past as "third unannounced project". The second development being a smaller-scale project set in the same franchise. Both developments are being created with the Northlight engine, owned by the studio and responsible for the incredible technical section of Control.

They claim that more details about this agreement with the mysterious distributor will be given today by means of a press release. Perhaps there we will know if the studio is working on a totally new license or if they plan to return to any of the iconic universes that they have in their collection.

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The case is that Virtala assures that these two games will be released over the next few years on the new consoles and computers, but at the same time he also states that they expect an increase in the benefits of the study in the second half of this fiscal year and we do not know exactly why, because right now they only have Control expansions in the calendar and nothing else. Although it will also be necessary to take into account the sasaplandificant investment that the distributor with which they have sasaplanded these two projects will carry out in the studio, which is surely what will increase the company's profits.

Among the studio's original licenses are Max Payne, Alan Wake and Control, all highly outstanding works with one or more critically acclaimed installments by players and alike.

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