Remedy Announces Alan Wake Coming to Xbox Game Pass

If you have not yet played Alan Wake, we can’t think of a better time to pay off that historic debt. The game, which has just turned 10 since its original release (then exclusive to Xbox 360), is coming to Xbox Game Pass soon.

And also, its creators have announced that it will do so on both Xbox One and PC. And best of all, we won’t have to wait long to enjoy it. Basically, because the title will come to service from next May 21, 2020. That is, within a week.

In addition, as part of this celebration, you should know that the game will also be temporarily reduced in its PC version on Steam. So if you don’t have an Xbox Game Pass, you have another very cheap way to get hold of it. In fact, with a discount of 90% compared to its usual price, the game is less than 2 euros at the moment.

Things will be different with Control, which Remedy fully owns the right for.

As for the game, you have before you a very original action, exploration, and horror title. And beyond the playable mechanics related to the use of light, which continue to surprise to this day, it also offers an argument worthy of the best novels of the genre. The Bright Falls story deserves to be played, just as it deserved to be written by its protagonist. Totally essential for fans of the genre. And even if you like the action.

At the moment, it is not confirmed if the base game will arrive or also its DLC content or even the independent expansion Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. We will be attentive to tell you any news in this regard.


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