Reiki instructor who saw José José die details the last minutes of the singer's life

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The "Prince of the Song" died on September 28 at the Baptist hospital in Homestead, south of Miami

Reiki instructor who saw José José die details the last minutes of the singer's life

Pancreatic cancer had spread to José José to other parts of the body.

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Judging by the version of Barbara Reyes, Confident of José José and his Reiki instructor, the singer did not die alone in a hospice as it publicly transcended.

Reyes, who spoke with the program "Drop the Soup" of Telemundo, said she was next to the "Prince of the Song" during his last minutes of life in the Baptist hospital in Homestead, south of Miami.

The woman went to the medical center, on September 28, after Sarita, the singer's youngest daughter, called her on the phone.

“On Saturday, September 28, Sari sends me a message that her dad is very ill and I say‘ but where is she? ’And she tells me that in the hospital and I as respectful,‘ do you want me to go? ’. ‘If you want Barbara come’, ”Reyes said in the interview.

The woman said that when she arrived at the place, she saw José José cased and connected to a breathing apparatus with her eyes closed. Reyes said he tried to calm Sosa who looked very nervous, in addition to speaking to the singer so he would know that his daughter was not alone.

"He ran his hand over his head annoying him, just because at that time he has to give him life energy, because those were the things he liked," he described.

The interviewee said that, inside the room, her son was also.

“That device starts to sound and turn red and that line, nobody looked at the clock, nobody looked at anything, the only thing we all looked at is that the line began to get straight. And Sari starts to tell me, ‘no Barbára, tell me that that is not, that is not happening and for a little while it collapses in my hands”, narrated.

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"And I 'Sari, you have to be strong, nobody wants this', but I did not know if to cry, if to tell Sari, to stay strong for Sari, but it was a very sad moment, but I had to let go (to José José) because Sari collapsed in tears, ”Reyes continued.

At that time, nurses and doctors arrived and established that Jose jose He was dead.

“The doctor comes to give us the explanation and told us that the tests had been catastrophic that day and he had begun to fail organs, that pancreatic cancer was already very advanced. They gave us two hours to be with him there, ”he said.

The artist's friend said that, when she saw the patient, despite the medical team that assisted him, it did not look like that of a person who was already going to die.

"That's why we were shocked, we realize later, when he already removed the devices and everything, that he begins to cool because I always kept my hand with him, begins to cool and the color begins to leave his face" he added.

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