Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to reveal new details due to its extreme level of detail

One of the most detailed aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the behavior of the wildlife that inhabits the great wastelands of the region in which the game is set. Rockstar reached a new level of realism when programming the behavior of the numerous animal species that appear in the video game.

So much so that today players continue to find unpublished details of the game related to the way animals live in this open-world when we do not interact with them.

In this video, a Reddit user has observed two deer hooked by antlers, one of them being dead. Presumably one would have died while both practiced the common collision of antlers and the other would have been hooked in a way similar to what happens in the real world.

The user in question clarified “when this happens deer often starve” and when another curious person asked the reason, the answer was more than evident” because they can’t eat if they’re stuck together”

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Fortunately, this creature manages to free itself from the corpse’s antlers and escapes free from the scene, leaving us with another demonstration of the sickly level of detail that Rockstar has manufactured for this odyssey set in the twilight moment of the Wild West when the cowboys became outlaws chased by the different governments of the nation to end their criminal activities, thus destroying the way of life that Arthur Morgan and his family have known for almost their entire lives.


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