Red Dead Online: triple EP, fast travel on discount and free barber all week

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Like now every week, this time too Rockstar Games kicked off a series of timed events for her Red Dead Online, the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

For the next few days it will indeed be possible to obtain Triple Experience Points not only from "Land of Opportunities" missions, but also from Free Roam missions. To simplify travel between the land of opportunities missions, Free Roam missions and other places on the map, the developers will allow until the next July 13, 2020 to carry out rapid travel with the 50% off. If you are not interested in triple experience points and fast travel discounts, you can take advantage of promotions regarding the purchase of Skill cards, all discounted by 50%, and by clothing (overcoats, shirts, boots, and hats), in this case discounted by 40%. Change thehairstyle, the teeth and the makeup your digital alter ego will instead be completely free for the next few days, so you could take advantage of it to give your character a new look.

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Did you know that only a few days ago Arthur's voice reveals the details on a cut mission of Red Dead Redemption 2?

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