Red Dead Online: How to Hunt Legendary Animals

Through the 1.2 update of the Red Dead Online, Rockstar has introduced a long line of new Legendary Animals to the game’s multiplayer to discover, study and hunt, to obtain unique outfits, items and upgrades. Read on to find out how to find them all.

There are two different ways to hunt Legendary Animals in the world of Red Dead Online – it is possible venturing into the open world looking for these special creatures, either accepting the dedicated missions which will be assigned to you by Harriet. The latter option, however, is only available after taking up the profession of Naturalist, however, particularly recommended for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the capture of the Legendary Animals, as it guarantees better rewards in terms of money, resources and items.

As soon as you go inside the habitat of one of the Legendary Animals, an icon will appear on the minimap.yellow footprint flashing, which will indicate the location of the beast. Then, once you have the creature within range, it will be up to you to decide whether to kill it, thus obtaining its skin and resources, or sedate it to take a blood sample to bring back to Harriet in exchange for skills and money. In the first case, do not worry about using special weapons with the caliber suitable for the size of the animal, since the skins you get will always be of legendary quality, regardless of the amount and type of shots used to hunt the beast. If you want to sedate the animal, however, you will be forced to use the special sleeping dart rifle supplied to anyone who has undertaken the Profession of Naturalist.

In case the Legendary Animal you are interested in does not appear even though you have not hunted it yet, or you simply cannot find it, you can follow one of the tips listed below:

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  • Use i legendary pheromones, a consumable item purchased by Harriet that attracts Legendary Beasts, and makes a noise when one of them is nearby
  • Try joining a server differente and try the hunt again
  • In case you have already captured or killed, or simply found and then let escape, that animal, know that you will have to wait: the regeneration of all legendary creatures is linked to a timer, usually quantifiable in at least an hour of waiting. We therefore advise you to temporarily change your objective and dedicate yourself to other activities, and then return to the place at a later time.
  • Some animals appear only when some occur weather conditions and in some time slots of the day (for example, only during the day, only at night, or only when it rains)
  • It may happen that another player within your server kills the animal you are looking for shortly before your arrival in the hunting area: in this case you will have to wait for regeneration of the creature, exactly as in step 3

Here is the list of all the Legendary Animals currently present in Red Dead Online; Rockstar Games has already confirmed that new ones will arrive in the coming weeks, at more or less regular intervals. We will constantly update the list below as the new updates introduce new Legendary Animals:

  • Crusader Fox
  • Emerald Wolf
  • Aries Horn Gabbro
  • Icachi wild boar
  • Moose Inahme
  • Elk Katata
  • Arctic Fox
  • Puma Maza
  • Night Beaver
  • Wolf Onyx
  • Fox Ota
  • Moose Ozula
  • Ram Rutilo
  • Puma Sapa
  • Wakpa boar
  • Wynian bison
  • Beaver Zizi
  • Alligator Teca
  • Alligator of the Sun
  • Brown Male Deer
  • Male Niveo Deer

We remind you that on our pages you can find the guide to the Naturalist’s missions and activities, and the guide to the Naturalist’s tools.


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