Red Alert in the Principality: Postponed Monaco vs. PSG for heavy rains

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Everything was ready for another edition of the duel between Monaco and Paris-Saint Germain, of the Ligue One, in one of the rivalries that have taken more strength in recent years in the football of France, however, the duel had to be suspended by the weather conditions in the Principality.

This decision was taken by the Monaco authorities, as they determined that the players and fans attending the stadium could be at risk from heavy rains that hit that region of the country.

Subsequently, the Ligue One announced that decision and explained that in the next few hours they would announce the date and time at which the duel will be played between Monaco and PSG.

The rains have been intense in southern France for a week, so the authorities decided to decree Red alert, so far 7 dead people have been reported.

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