Recreate the Unreal Engine 5 demo with Dreams

We don’t know if Dreams, the latest Media Molecule game (Little Big Planet), will end up migrating or not to Unreal Engine 5. What is clear is that it does not need much. Basically because, in his own way, he has already recreated it. The case is that the players do not stop surprising with their recreations, each one more trustworthy.

And now they have presented the same demo of the Epic engine, but made with the tools of the game. We already told you that the result is really spectacular. And since it is better to see it than to read it, we leave you with the “crime test”.

As they have commented from Wccftech, the recreation has been developed by Martin Nebelong, who has shared his creation through YouTube. And beyond the tools you have had at your disposal, it is truly impressive what you have achieved in such a short time. Remember that barely 48 hours have passed since the announcement of Unreal Engine 5.

A motor that, as they have commented from Epic, represents the realization of the design philosophy of the 1980s. They basically refer to the geometry of polygons with Nanite technology and the GI in real-time with Lumen technology. Without a doubt, the two great characteristics of the engine.

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But … what exactly do they mean by philosophy? Below you can read what Epic has said about it. And it is certainly quite interesting. Remember that Unreal Engine 5 will arrive in mid-2021.

“The philosophy behind this dates back to the 1980s with the idea for REYES: Render Everything Your Eye Sees. It is a fun acronym that means that given the essentially infinite detail available, the The engine’s job is to determine exactly which pixels should be drawn to display it. It doesn’t mean that the engine has to draw the 10 billion polygons in each frame, because some of them are much, much smaller than the pixel. It just means being able to render and an approximation of it that doesn’t lose any of the details that you can perceive and, once you get to that point, you’re done with the geometry. “.

What about you? What do you think about the recreation of Martin Nebelung? Send us your impressions here, or through social networks.


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