Record-breaking Fortnite: users have been playing for 10 million years!

Fortnite Chapter 2 is a much loved game, this is certainly nothing new, but you would have never said that the battle royale of Epic Games has accumulated a total of 10 million in hours played?

The news comes from GAMEdigital, who added up the hours spent by players within the Fortnite PvP sector, coming to the conclusion that the game was enjoyed for a good 10.4 million years in total, sending him to the top of the most played titles ever. Just to help you rationalize this incredibly high number, just think that the ancestors of the human race began to take their first steps on Planet Earth approximately six million years ago.

The second place in the standings is occupied instead by World of Warcraft with 5.7 million years in hours played and in third place we find Overwatch, which comes “only” to 1.5 million years into hours of play. The gap with Fortnite in any case is very large, especially if we consider that the battle royale was launched on the market just three years ago, while the WoW saga has been around since the early 2000s.

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Fortnite’s success is also reflected on Twitch, where it has accumulated 1.3 billion views overall, a number that could easily increase in the future. We take this opportunity to remind you that the Marvel themed season of the battle royale is currently underway: have you already taken a look at our guide on how to complete the missions of Week 4 in Fortnite Season 4?


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