Reborn: that's who will make the screenplay for the film based on the comic by Mark Millar

Netflix's plan to build a new live-action universe based on Millarworld is taking shape. The first film on the list to be produced will be Reborn who has just found his screenwriter.

After the announcement of the director Chris McKay, already known for The Lego Batman, now also comes the confirmation of the author who will take care of the scripts. We are talking about Bek Smith, a new promise in the industry who is working on one of the most anticipated sequels of recent times or Spider-Man: A New Universe 2, and also on the adaptation of 100 Bullets by DC / Vertigo.

Reborn, Mark Millar's comic, is based on the idea that everything we do on earth will be matched beyond death. The protagonist of the story is Bonnie, an exceptional teacher who, after ending up in a coma, finds herself a sort of heroine of the otherworldly world who must take out the very bad head of the Dark Lands.

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Manichaeism is the basis of the story, there are only good or bad. There are no half measures. Everything done in life, even the smallest, has consequences in the aftermath. The champion of good, understood in the comic as a real Messiah will decide to abandon this battle to face the search for her husband.

The very interesting story is certainly accompanied by the fantastic drawings of Greg Capullo able to make everything wonderfully fascinating. Reborn's live-action producer Sandra Bullock, a respectable name in the film scene that will guarantee the very high quality of this Netflix production.


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