ready to hunt monsters?

Will they celebrate Halloween on the Continent of The Witcher? They could do it safely, and without the need for masks, given the large amount of horrible monsters that populate the fantasy world created by Andrzej Sapkowski. For this Netflix has decided to pay homage to the successful series on the most disturbing day of the year.

The video opens with the funny scene in which Dandelion meets the frightening Hirikka, initially mistaken for a harmless sweet-eyed creature: “Oh, you are just the cutest and most … terrifying monster I have ever seen in my life! Now I run away … Geralt! There’s another one of your friends there. ”

To the rhythm of the light-hearted melody of Monster’s Mash we find all the friendly beasts that appeared in the first episodes of the series, faced by Henry Cavill’s Geralt for a fair fee. We note therefore the arachnid Kikimora and the evil Striga, in front of which our hero can only let himself go to an exclamation of amazement; Doppler and Djin, up to the most classic dragons and undead.

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The White Wolf takes Halloween as a personal challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for some sweet surprise … you will not want to miss what is hidden “, read the video description. Apparently there should be a couple of important references (to the second season ?!).

Can you identify the frames that are not part of the episodes already seen? The hunt is on, tell us what you find! Meanwhile, we report the photo of the new Nilfgaard armor and the presence of a big change in The Witcher 2


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